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Therapy Services

Spinal conditions


  • Back and neck pain

  • Ergonomic assessment and advice

  • Neurodynamic assessment, mobilisation techniques and specific program for a healthy Nervous system.

Spinal Conditions

Sports Injury


  • Any sport related injury with associated rehabilitation

Sports injury

TMJ (jaw) dysfunction


  • Teeth grinding

  • Tension over jaw

Jaw dysfunction


We can assist with chronic sinus blockage. It is however important to consult your GP when you experience ACUTE sinusitis to get the appropriate medication.

With acute sinusitis, please consider going to a Physio that specializes in Pulmonary Physio.




  • Tension headaches

  • Migraines

  • Cluster Headaches

  • Chronic persistant Headaches

  • Exertion Headaches


CranioSacral Therapy

CST is thought to relieve compression in the head, neck, and back. This can soothe pain and release both emotional and physical stress and tension. It’s also thought to help restore cranial mobility and ease or release restrictions of the head, neck, and nerves.

Cranial sacral therapy can be used for people of all ages. It may be part of your treatment for conditions like:

  • migraines and headaches

  • constipation

  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia

  • scoliosis

  • sinus infections

  • neck pain

  • fibromyalgia

  • recurrent ear infections or colic in infants

  • TMJ

  • trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash

  • mood disorders like anxiety or depression

  • difficult pregnancies


Sport-Strapping and Taping

Sports Strapping

Dry needling

Acupuncture and Dry Needling
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